I was very excited to read the county was considering a recycling program again.

Dear Editor,

I was very excited to read the county was considering a recycling program again. I don’t know why the last one was cancelled. I called Waste Management and my county commissioner, but never received a return call. I heard various reasons from the general public, but, none had been given an answer directly from the county.

I would like to address a couple of the reasons that were given to me. 1) “They were losing money.” I don’t know how that is possible when people were bringing more plastic than the bins could accommodate. Also I would be more concerned with the number of full/closed landfills in the community versus the number of residents. Then factor in the damage to the environment. (Wasn’t that the concern with bringing the bio-plant to the county?) If you are “breaking even” then the benefits still outweigh the cost. It took Carroll County, GA five years to begin making a profit with its recycling program. This is typical of any business.

2) Garbage was getting put in the recycle bins. This is going to happen regardless of how much effort you put into preventing it. (I have no idea why this happens when you have mandatory garbage service, but, it does.) Marking the bins “No Household Garbage” will help. Providing a bin for household garbage would be another solution. We have plenty of inmates that can pull the garbage out before it is hauled away. I only saw bagged garbage so this shouldn’t be that difficult. Also, the recycling company sorts through it before they put it in the melting vats.

Perhaps you could put an article in the paper requesting ideas, and resources, from the people of the county. I’m sure there are citizens or visitors who have seen successful programs in other places.

Some people may not want to put the recycling in their vehicles. I would suggest that Waste Management provide a recycle bin. The problem with that is WM charges the customer for the bin, then, they throw it all in the same garbage truck. They charge stores to provide recycling service. That’s a lot plastic hangars and cardboard boxes. I have seen trucks with split compartments. That’s in other states, like Rhode Island, where they fine you if you do not recycle. Would WM consider a truck with split compartments for our county?

Carroll County had recycle sites set up around the county. There was a bin for everything from steel cans (i. e. veggie cans) to phone books. In Jasper County, GA the dump sites were manned. If you brought in recycling you could throw your garbage for $1/bag. If you didn’t have recyclables then it was $2/bag. They also took everything from old computers to newspapers.

Also, I was wondering if anyone considered leaving the lighthouse where it is and building a suitable retainer wall that was back-filled with sand? Perhaps I simply missed the discussion on this possibility. It would seem much more cost-effective and simple. The retainer wall could have been placed at the original land line that is now in the water, then filled in to provide parking. I think our little town is crowded enough. If you insist on moving it then I think Salinas Park is the best alternative. You might want to re-do the bathrooms next to the fire station, though.


Sheila Stone

Gulf County

P.S. At my house, I had a system set up similar to the three compartment laundry bins. I would rinse the item and put it in the proper bin. When it was full I would pull the bag and take it to recycle.