You’ve heard of getting cold feet? Well, I was beckoned to get out of bed the other morning at 5:55 a.m. because of “hot feet.”

You’ve heard of getting cold feet?  Well, I was beckoned to get out of bed the other morning at 5:55 a.m. because of “hot feet.”  My alarm was set for 6 a.m.; those last five minutes of sleep are the most important and they will be lost forever.

There is no getting those five minutes of sleep back and no nap can compensate for them.  The only sleep that is better than the last five minutes of sleep you get in the morning is the sleep that you get after you hit the snooze button on your alarm (or turn it off).

My daughter was concerned that an area of the tile floor in the bathroom was warmer than the rest of the floor.  I walked into the bathroom and gave it the “toe test.”  Indeed, it was warmer than the rest of the tile in the bathroom.

The “hot spot” seemed to be isolated to a few tiles and rectangular in shape on the floor.   My first thought was that there might be a hot water line leaking because it was definitely warmer than the rest the of the floor.   On hands and knees, I held my ear down to the tile to listen for a hissing or dripping.

There was no sound, but the dogs decided they needed to lick my free ear.  What is it with dogs and ears? 

I went downstairs to look up at the ceiling and check for water on the ceiling.  Thank goodness, there was no water on the ceiling.  Checking the floor again upstairs, I found that the isolated area of tile was still noticeably warmer than the rest.

It was puzzling, but I had to go to work.  

The plumber was called; he came out and checked for leaks and everything else a plumber does for $125 an hour.  The plumber found no leaks.

We had to be happy about no leaks; we pay plumbers on a regular basis to feel happy - at least I do.  When you look at that way, the price is a bargain.  I’ve never been to a psychologist or psychiatrist, but I would bet they charge more than $125 an hour.

In the event you actually do have a problem with your toilet or water line, a plumber can fix it.  A psychologist or psychiatrist more than likely would not be able to help you with those types of problems.  The bottom line is – plumbers are worth the money.


Possibly, there was a ghost in the upstairs hall bathroom.   Judging by the heat of the bathroom floor, I figure it was the ghost of a large man with hair on his back that likes to stand in front of the mirror with his heels together.

Envisioning what the ghost would look like, I tried the movement for a fellow at work.  It can be done (heels together striking a Charles Atlas-like pose).

No, I don’t believe in ghosts, but there had to be an explanation. We have lived in this house for almost ten years.

What could it be?

The fellow that lived in the house before me was an avid photographer who was really into some sort of multi-level marketing that involved selling or pretending to sell some sort of beautification products.

Perhaps there were some really steamy photographs under that tile bathroom floor or perhaps it was a hiding place for something else really hot, like a secret stash of beautification products.

I still can’t decide what to do.  Should I tear the floor up and see what’s under there?  Should I knock a hole in the ceiling from below?

Worrying about such things is not good for you.   Unfortunately, I was not at home when the plumber came or I would have asked him.  Perhaps a phone consult is a possibility.

There are folks who have these seminars where they help companies build a feeling of teamwork and confidence.  One seminar I read about lets their attendees walk on hot coals.  This is supposed to give them confidence and make them feel they conquer the world or sell more products.

That’s it.

I’m going to check with my homeowners association about pitching a tent in my backyard and letting folks come walk on the warm tile in my upstairs hall bathroom.  They would pay me to stay overnight in the tent and walk on the warm tiles in the morning. It makes sense to me.  If you are going to pay someone to walk on hot coals, you would pay to walk on my hot tiles.  There has to be a market for it.

On second thought, I’m just going to call the plumber back.  That’s another good thing about plumbers, they generally don’t charge for phone consultations.

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