“Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one” - Thomas Paine, Common Sense 1776.

Dear Editor,

“Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one” - Thomas Paine, Common Sense 1776.

“In Gulf County, the citizens must protect our Community by watching their government closely, insuring it does only the necessary; and identifying,   exposing, and punishing the evil whenever and wherever they observe it. It is your Duty”- Citizen T. Paine

In case you missed it, at the last commission meeting the BOCC quickly and quietly reported that they owed their Insurance Company’s Attorney $10,000 of our hard-earned tax dollars to respond to a Citizen‘s PAC lawsuit. The suit stemmed from a “particularly disgraceful” as opposed to the “routinely ridiculous” BOCC meeting. This one dubbed the Bevy of Circus Clowns during the last election cycle. This $10,000 debacle Commission Meeting was the capstone of their ridiculous efforts (described by a resident in a letter to the editor titled “Cops Robbers and Cronies” see the “STAR” April 4, 2013).  Simply told it was an attempt to silence the residents of the county by government intimidation that included, lying to or collusion with the State Attorney’s Office to unleash a bogus investigation of residents whose views they did not like.  They hoped/intended to discredit them, intimidate voters, candidates, and The Citizens PAC. (think – Obama - Abuse of Government Power -IRS). The effort resulted in harassment and slander.  Oh by the way, it appears that one resident, Mr. Garth, is still waiting for clarification or an apology from the SAO, Mr. Hess, resulting from a bogus finding/charge that he was a previously convicted felon.  Maybe ole Glenn and his dunkin donut denizens should be the next target of a lawsuit, see “evil” above.  However, not happy with their results they (the BOCC) and a citizen crony engaged in a disgraceful exhibition of dirty politics, slander, and intimidation. If you don’t remember it or missed it look it up and watch the County Commission Meeting Oct. 25, 2012.  All five Commissioners, including Bill Williams, who along with Yeager looked like the ring leaders, the County Staff and Attorney all participated either deliberately, or negligently, or just too mentally slow for the job. To paraphrase the crony (it is in the record).  

None of this activity was “necessary”; it was a dumb, malicious, dirty politics abuse of government power, not governance.  It was “evil”; lies, conspiracy, cronyism and intimidation. It is time now for the vigilant citizens to do their duty, root it out; four of them are still there.  Support Commissioner Bryan the “new one” who is working to make the Government transparent and only gets harassment and cover up from the Circus Clowns. Get rid of McDaniel and Smiley November 2014, and then get ready to dump the other two. It is “intolerable” all four owe us $10,000. It is your duty. Do it!

Citizen T. Paine   A 20 year resident/ Gulf County Tax Payer