The laws of God are being removed each day.

Christian faith is under attack


The laws of God are being removed each day.

Schools have had Bible reading and prayer taken away.

The Ten Commandments are being removed from many places too.

Judge Roy Moore was removed from office because this he would not do.

Abortion is not murder anymore my friend.

Womenís rights say they can throw them in the garbage bin.

Women with women, men with men.

Call it civil rights if you want to, but to God itís still a sin.

To remove God from our Pledge of Allegiance has been in the courts lately too.

If the judges donít see the handwriting on the wall, I think thousands have died for nothing, donít you?

Thereís a move on for our money to remove ďIn God We Trust.Ē

How could He still love us, when weíve been so unjust?

But when Christ is removed from Christmas, the axe will fall my friend.

This America that everyone has looked up to for years will never be the same again.

To see this happen, keep living the same old way.

To make a change, ask Godís forgiveness, and be bold for Jesus each day.

                                                                           Billy Johnson