Wayne Creel of St. Joe Beach could scarcely believe his eyes.

Wayne Creel of St. Joe Beach could scarcely believe his eyes.

He had brought in a new load of dirt to his home garden in the spring and had planted some sweet potatoes in the dirt. He had also planted some in his old garden.

No real extra care was applied and Creel did nothing special as the sweet potatoes grew. He had simply planted sprouts from one potato in his garden and let them be.

Interested in how they were fairing, Creel began digging last week.

“The more I dug, the bigger the potatoes got,” Creel said.

By the time he had unearthed two of the potatoes, he was looking at giants, one weighing from than seven pounds, the other five-and-a-half pounds, dwarfing anything Creel could purchase at the grocery store for this Thanksgiving table.

Not that his giants will likely find their way on to any holiday dinner table.

“I think I am going to show them off for awhile,” Creel said with a smile as he tried to balance the two in his hands for a photo.

“I wonder that the record it, because those are some big potatoes,” Creel said.

While Creel’s potatoes were indeed monsters, it turns out the world record sweet potato is over 80 pounds, and the record for one grown in North America is north of 60 pounds.

Either way, Creel still has several growing in his new dirt and he is anxious to learn whether they are indeed whoppers like the two he carried around last week.