We didn't wait for a special invitation to buy our little cottage in Port St. Joe.

Dear Editor,

We didn't wait for a special invitation to buy our little cottage in Port St. Joe. We just took the initiative, made it happen. After making friends with so many good folks and loving the area, it was an easy decision. So, though it comes a few weeks late, we accept the recent welcome and invitation from Mayor Magidson (see, Dear E. Rosenthal and "Blow-Ins" ... 11/30/2012).

Coming from Georgia, I already think of this town as home. I pull up The Star on my computer and read the goings-on quite frequently. It helps me stay connected while stuck here in the foothills of the mountains. So, needless to say, I was more than taken aback when I read County Commissioner McLemore’s comments about folks from Alabama and Georgia, "Blow-Ins" as he likes to call us. Then, I laughed.

What an utterly ridiculous and stupid thing for any public official to say for the record, especially about a segment of visitors and residents so vital to the economic machine. In the business, we just call that dumb. I wonder if the commissioner doesn't share a gene or two with Joe Biden.

Anyway, the Mayor is right; the commissioner doesn't speak for the City of Port St. Joe or its good folks. The beautiful surroundings and the fabulously friendly folks we have met along the way serve as the community’s best ambassadors. They alone speak volumes.

At any rate, despite the commissioner's insulting comments, my wife and I are excited about our small place. We’ve had fun cleaning it up, returning its curb appeal to socially acceptable standards. We are excited about what the future holds and the memories we will build there. More importantly we look forward to establishing ourselves as a neighbor and friend to all the great folks we have yet to meet.

In closing, while the commissioner’s comments are an embarrassment to the community, with every dark cloud there is a silver lining. My wife and I have been tossing around various options to naming our little cottage. After all, isn't it tradition to give your second home some kind of unique identity? We have collected several names and ideas, but there is one that just made the list and currently runs close to the top of the leader-board. It's a real contender, paying tribute to the commissioner’s comments. We are thinking of calling it, "The Blown Inn". Kind of catchy, huh?

Kirk S. Jockell

Port St. Joe