Commitments are history, they are not being kept today.

Are you committed to Jesus?


Commitments are history, they are not being kept today.

From top politicians, to corporations, to the everyday man,

they have fallen by the way.

Broken campaign promises from people we elect and pay.

Theyíll smile and take your money each and every day.

The standard of ethics in our country has gone to the dogs.

Movies portray people wallowing like hogs.

Rising divorce rates are getting out of hand.

Many just live together with no commitments, or even a golden band.

The church is not immune, commitments are broken there too.

Many members donít keep their commitments when their tithe is due.

Many will pay for their booze, auto or boat.

But some of these wonít pay their tithe to keep the church afloat.

Women with women and men with men.

Heíll keep His promise to them too my friend.

To Christians who keep their commitments, heaven will be home one day.

To those who havenít received Jesus as Savior, the lake of fire will be your pay.

Jesus is coming back my friend.

Is your passport stamped by His nail-scarred hand?

                                           Billy Johnson