It is well documented that the United States of America is something a’kin to seventeen trillion dollars in debt

It is well documented that the United States of America is something a’kin to seventeen trillion dollars in debt. I’m not even going to get into here how much money that is ’cause I don’t know. I care of course, we all do! But seventeen trillion of anything is light years beyond my comprehension.

Here’s what I’d like someone to explain to me this morning. Who, exactly, do we owe that money to?

It can’t be France. We’ve done baled them out twice. We “lend leased” every thing we had to England back in 1940. I don’t think they’ve paid us back yet. It can’t be Germany. After we flattened them in World War II, we immediately paid for most of the rebuilding. Germany, more than any country on earth, has proved that old Will Rogers’ adage, “The best thing a country can do is to get into a war with America…..and lose.” 

It obviously isn’t Greece, Spain or Italy. They are all three broke…..and I don’t think even they could spend seventeen trillion that fast! I’m running out of countries! Americans have bought enough Toyotas to make Japan rich….but that enterprising nation had rather sell us electronic devices and Godzilla movies than loan us money. The oil rich Middle East nations don’t trust us enough to loan us anything. Plus, we’d have to “turn over” Israel in any deal with them.

We all know it is not GM, Chrysler or Fannie Mae. Those folks seem to have some kind of “open account” with Washington. You would think a United States of America “note holder” would naturally be one of the big banks…..but that can’t be the case. Our government has been giving them money just to keep them open. If somehow we were indebted to them to the tune of seventeen trillion, it would be the other way around!

Questions abound here. How do you get seventeen trillion dollars in debt? That, in itself, is near ’bout unfathomable! You’d have to have government officials spending around the clock, or just giving it away, to unload that kind of dough. Someone must be laying awake at night, scheming up ways to reach such debt heights! I’ve heard of “pork barreling”, “expense accounts”, “sinkholes”, “foreign reparations” and “the cost of doing business” but something here has gotten way out of hand. And please, don’t give us the ole “best interest of the country” speech!

I read recently that our government spent right at eighteen million dollars on a test project to create an inflatable home for astronauts in space. Well there you go! Why didn’t they just borrow a pup tent from the nearest Boy Scout? Don’t tell me we’ve got people in charge of our money that have “eyes that are bigger than their stomachs”! 

What kind of interest do you pay on seventeen trillion? I bought a house once for $24,000. I spent the first fifteen years (of a 25 year note) just paying on the interest. How long do you suppose we are going to be working off this debt? I’ve heard talk of grandchildren and great grandchildren being saddled with this liability. What kind of legacy is that for goodness sakes!

It’s a dilemma that has caused more finger pointing than who shot J. R.        

What did America put up as collateral on this deal? Could it have been the Washington Monument, Congress……or maybe Pennsylvania? Would someone “hold” the Grand Canyon until they were repaid in full? There’s nothing in this country worth seventeen trillion…..except its people. Do you reckon we’re being leveraged here?

It stands to reason that we owe this money to someone or some entity. You’d think a Donald Trump or a Warren Buffett would be way too smart to loan money to what might be a sinking ship. I keep thinking who, or what, has got seventeen trillion to loan?

You don’t reckon Wall Street is behind any of this, do you?

I am as puzzled as all get out over this thing. Doc Bell was the president of the McKenzie Banking Company when I was a boy. He was an outstanding Christian. He sang in the choir and would occasionally provide a solo as the “special” music. He was a super fair man with a big heart…..but sooner or later, no matter what you owed him, no matter who owed him, he’d be around to collect! Am I the only person here wondering what’s going to happen to our nation when whoever we owe this money to shows up to collect?

Someone said we are borrowing it from ourselves. If that is the case, I’d say let’s give it back! Some have suggested that we just take it out of the National Treasury “on paper” or, if needed, we simply print more money. That sounds like voodoo economics to me.

I don’t think you can voodoo yourself into a seventeen trillion dollar hole.

I borrowed two dollars once from my older brother to take Charlotte Melton to hear Bo Diddley over at the Bethel College auditorium. I figured he’d forget about it in a few weeks. He didn’t. When I couldn’t come up with the money, I countered with “We didn’t sign no papers”. He beat the living daylights out of me for fourteen days hand running. I reckon he was exacting his pound of flesh. When it became apparent to me he wasn’t satisfied with the flesh, I stole two dollars from my little brother and paid him back!

Seventeen trillion is too much to steal……and I’m not sure America has got that much flesh left.