The world is going crazy and sometimes I think I am the only sane person left

Dear Editor:

The world is going crazy and sometimes I think I am the only sane person left. Why would anybody vote to raise their own taxes? Oh, I forgot, everyone is allowed to vote, including those who do not own property, so to them it doesnít matter how much homeowners have to pay. Itís just like with federal income taxes with almost 50 percent of Americans paying zero taxes. For those who do not pay, why should they care how much the others have to pay? I remember the last time we voted to temporarily raise the mil rate to help fund the schools, and a conversation I had with a particular young man. This young man, who was in favor of raising the rate, made the statement that he did not want his young son attending an inferior school system, which I could not argue with. However, I did mention he did own a home so he would be unaffected by any new tax. Since he was not married to the mother of his child I seriously doubt he even contributed to the support of his child.

In case the school board hasnít noticed the demographics are changing. More and more of our homeowners are seniors and are on fixed incomes and do not have children in the public schools. Yet these same folks are bearing the lionís share of the financial responsibility for funding our schools. I fear things are going to get a lot worse before they start getting better. Starting in January my health care premiums jumped a whopping 13.5 percent. Both my wife and I are on Medicare yet I still must pay almost $700 per month for my secondary health care insurance. God only knows what the cost will be when Obamacare is fully implemented next year. I might be stupid but I think the school board could do a much better job of living with the reality of the economic situation of today. The school system needs to do more with less instead of asking the citizens of Gulf County to do more with less.

It seems to me a better solution would be to go to the state legislature for a statewide solution to the problem I personally thin the real estate tax system in Florida is in need of some serious fixing. The system, as it now is, makes it difficult for young couples just starting out to purchase their first homes. The current system needs to be scrapped and replaced with one that has everyone paying a more balanced amount. I donít mind doing my fair share but I also think those parents who have children in school but do not own property should also pay as well. Yes, I understand the landlord pays taxes and those taxes come from the rent; however, most renters do not consider this when they vote to raise someone elseís taxes. To me the sales tax is the best tax because it touches everyone and it doesnít matter where the money comes from. Honest and dishonest alike pay the same tax when they choose to purchase something and the added bonus is we get the help of those visiting our state as well.

Marcus Sturdivant

Port St. Joe