Help tell the story of the city of Port St. Joe as its centennial arrives this summer

Help tell the story of the city of Port St. Joe as its centennial arrives this summer.

The Port St. Joe Centennial Celebration Committee is seeking assistance from the community in documenting the history of modern Port St. Joe in the roll out toward the Centennial Celebration which begins in June.

Specifically, the committee is reaching out to the community for photographs that will help the story of Port St. Joe and the families and events that shaped its history.

The committee will hold a “Scan Day” from 2-5 p.m. ET on Saturday, Feb. 23 at the Senior Citizens Center on Library Drive in Port St. Joe to scan photos and hear the stories behind them as the committee builds a historic archive to honor the city’s centennial.

“Here is a way to preserve the past,” said Dana Boyer, a member of the Centennial Committee. “We want to be able to document the history of this area. The photos and stories are out there. We want to document and archive them.”

Along with Tim Nelson and Clarence Monette, the committee will set up three scanning stations at the Senior Citizens Center on Feb. 23.

At each station, photographs will be scanned.

Those providing the photos will be asked, for documentation, about the photos, where they were taken, circumstances, who is captured in the photos.

“We are archiving photo history,” said Nelson.

All that information will be recorded for posterity as the committee builds a history book that will at one point be posted online and will also be captured later in a printed form.

“It is about them, it is about history,” said Danny Raffield, also a member of the committee.

At some point, there will be a DVD made that will be available for purchase and the archive, once finished will also be available within the Florida Genealogy Room at the Port St. Joe Public Library.

There will be ice cream and pie served during the “Scan Day” as refreshments for those who come out and donations for the Centennial Celebration will also be accepted.

In short, the Centennial Committee is hoping that the folks who comprise this community will help them tell the tale of the city of Port St. Joe over the past 100 years, since the founding of the modern city.

“Help us tell the story of Port St. Joe,” Boyer said.