A Tad More Than A Pound Of Flesh

Published: Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 11:21 AM.

What kind of interest do you pay on seventeen trillion? I bought a house once for $24,000. I spent the first fifteen years (of a 25 year note) just paying on the interest. How long do you suppose we are going to be working off this debt? I’ve heard talk of grandchildren and great grandchildren being saddled with this liability. What kind of legacy is that for goodness sakes!

It’s a dilemma that has caused more finger pointing than who shot J. R.        

What did America put up as collateral on this deal? Could it have been the Washington Monument, Congress……or maybe Pennsylvania? Would someone “hold” the Grand Canyon until they were repaid in full? There’s nothing in this country worth seventeen trillion…..except its people. Do you reckon we’re being leveraged here?

It stands to reason that we owe this money to someone or some entity. You’d think a Donald Trump or a Warren Buffett would be way too smart to loan money to what might be a sinking ship. I keep thinking who, or what, has got seventeen trillion to loan?

You don’t reckon Wall Street is behind any of this, do you?

I am as puzzled as all get out over this thing. Doc Bell was the president of the McKenzie Banking Company when I was a boy. He was an outstanding Christian. He sang in the choir and would occasionally provide a solo as the “special” music. He was a super fair man with a big heart…..but sooner or later, no matter what you owed him, no matter who owed him, he’d be around to collect! Am I the only person here wondering what’s going to happen to our nation when whoever we owe this money to shows up to collect?

Someone said we are borrowing it from ourselves. If that is the case, I’d say let’s give it back! Some have suggested that we just take it out of the National Treasury “on paper” or, if needed, we simply print more money. That sounds like voodoo economics to me.

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