Allitrunda Is a Sub-Planet Of Triax

Published: Thursday, August 15, 2013 at 09:17 AM.

This is not a story about grandchildren. You'll have to write that one yourself. And may I suggest "Green Eggs and Ham I Am" if you’re looking for background material. This is a tale of growing and learning; it's about enlarging horizons and eye popping firsts. It's the unbelievable wonderment of discovering what's over the next hill. And I'm not talking about the grandkids growth….

We've had the “troops” from one son or the other down here for going on two weeks now. You talk about a rise in the noise level. And the intensity level. And the alert level……and, most especially, the fun level!  

I noticed the crayon scribbling on the bathroom wall right off. I started to say something but decided against it. I had a pretty good idea from the height of the blue lines who the culprit was. The long flowing indigo scrawls apparently represented the sky. And the red marks could have been a forest fire. I'm not sure about the orange and black...unless she was angling for a Halloween motif. It was a little too abstract for my taste but the talent was obvious.

"DADDY, you would have killed us if we had done that!" 

Probably. But this is a different day. I was thinking "a dark oak frame around the scribbling would accent the priceless drawing". It was just a bathroom wall for goodness sakes! We don't exactly entertain a steady stream of dignitaries over at the house. If someone doesn't like my decorations...they can go outside.

I've been a large horse.  A bucking horse. A runaway horse. A talking horse. A one eyed-horse.  And a sick horse. I lost every race. Didn't buck off one soul. Got my broken hind leg splinted and taped up a dozen times. And ate at least that many apples.

I've climbed Pikes Peak so many times my fingernails are worn to a nub. I've fallen into-and been pulled out of- the Cascade River so often gills are growing into my cheeks. I've chased Rumblestilskin and Bad Louie from Marshal Dillon’s jail in El Paso to Big Nose Kate's Hotel and Eatery in Deadwood City so many times the Butterfield Overland Stage Company is giving me frequent flyer miles.

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