Allitrunda Is a Sub-Planet Of Triax

Published: Thursday, August 15, 2013 at 09:17 AM.

Here's one you'd'a never made me believe until I saw it for myself. I have four granddaughters ranging from age three to six. That "sugar and spice and everything nice" is a piece of bunk! Completely false! An exaggerated figment of someone's idyllic imagination! My sweet, very polite and extremely mild mannered wife has aptly renamed the twins "seek" and "destroy".

If one of the little darlings picks something up and the other one wants it—watch out! The pulling contest is on! They will bash and bang till someone is crying. I have solved the problem by buying two, or three, of everything.

I haven’t seen a baseball game in two weeks. But I have yelled “O Toooooodles” a thousand times. I can distinguish at a glance Princess Ariel from Princess Tiana. I’ve listened to talking frogs, dogs, worms, dinosaurs, trees and M & M looking characters. I’ve hunted for buried treasure with “Jake and the Never Land Pirates”. And my grandchildren have introduced me to “River Monsters” and the “Turtle Man”. 

I’ve combed dolls’ hair. And held their bottle. And helped them get over the chicken pox.

The broken bed was an accident. We were running for our lives! The dreaded Galactic Star Ship from Allitrunda was almost upon us! Our only chance was the magic flying carpet in the bedroom. We leaped for safety a little too hard. It was only the headboard and a couple of slats…..

“DADDY, you would have killed us if we had done that!”

Probably. But I’m getting almighty tired of my sons reminding me of what I might have done. They need to loosen up a little. Life gets shorter as you get older. It’s not always about order and propriety, proper decorum and good sense. Those things are important and no one is saying they don’t have a place. But let’s not go overboard! Plus, that is their job, not mine.

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