Awesomeiest All-Time Best Buddies

Published: Thursday, June 19, 2014 at 10:54 AM.

            Luke and I had been warned to be on our best behavior. My sons and daughters-in-laws hand over the children without a word to Cathy. If I’m involved there’s a little nervous edge to the exchange. I get a written list of “dos and don’ts”. They call every hour to check on us.

            “Would you rather be caught by a raptor, pterodactyl or a spinosaurus, KK?” He asked the question like I could give him a first hand, eye witness account of these prehistoric animals. When Luke realized I couldn’t distinguish my raptors from my pterodactyls……..he broke out “Jurassic Park, I, II and III”. I watched mega sized lizards knock jeeps upside down and planes out of the air. I thought they had Dr. Grant for sure in Part One but he managed to hang in to the marines arrived in Part Three!

            “Luke, had you rather be caught by the Indian leader Geronimo or The Creature from the Black Lagoon?”

            “Did Geronimo play golf, KK?” 

We had to go to the Western Channel and look for early American natives. We watched “Stagecoach” with John Wayne. He listened intently to Texas Ruby and Curly Fox doing their 1946 classic, “Don’t Let That Man Let You Down” and commented, “It sounds like they are singing in ‘black and white’, KK!” Before I could think of an intelligent answer he continued, “When was color invented, do you have any more movies with cows in them……and who are Lonzo and Oscar?” His questions had questions. 

            In between trips to Carolyn William’s swimming pool, the golf course, feeding birds down at the pier and fishing in the bay we watched “Rawhide” reruns where cows stampeded in every episode. We held daily tutorials on early country music duos and memorized “Phantom 309”. It never crossed our minds to go to the beach and sit in those miniature chairs.

            Eating sweets after a certain time was high up on the prohibitive list. “We can eat Fig Newton’s after we get in bed, KK, they have fruit in them so they are healthy.” It made sense to me. The marshmallow roast was also his idea. We knew better than to start a fire in the backyard so we turned on the gas logs in the den and toasted away. We set a midnight curfew if we had finished “Jurassic Park” and reached the summit of Mt. Everest.

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