'Chewing the Fat' With Mrs. Wilkes

Published: Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 10:31 AM.

I kinda like air conditioning and color T. V. The shocks on my van beat the heck out of the springs on those old buckboards. And who wouldn’t prefer form-fit Adidas running shoes over hard soled boots……or going barefooted.

            Life isn’t standing still. Not even in this city of timelessness. Savannah might be more interested in “right now” than they are letting on. They talk old-time, gentile fashion, courtliness, Deep South and history. But they are really utilizing all they have to make the most of today.

            Now, there is a lesson that we all could take a closer look at!

            You just know when the trolleys close for the day, those Savannah patriarchs rush into the den and turn on the Golf Channel. They send kids off to college and worry about the cost of health care just like me and you. And when they go on a vacation I bet you the world doesn’t look like “Tomorrow Land” at a Disney park! 

            Of course, in this city of carefully preserved mansions, nightly “Ghost” tours, waistcoats and horse drawn wagons, no one is spilling the beans. Savannah acts like the “period” stuff is real. You’d think they’d never heard of microwaves and instant coffee. I figured I’d play along. It didn’t hurt nobody and it was in keeping with the “when in Rome” philosophy. I turned to a refined, gray haired matron and remarked, “You know, that Sherman was truly a rascal.” Her eyes narrowed. She stretched to her full height of almost five feet. A look, similar to what must be akin to the wrath of God, fell upon her whole being. She spit on the sidewalk and, without a word, disappeared beneath a grape arbor.

            I can tell you, she’s never eaten at Taco Bell! And I might be completely wrong about this time not standing still thing…..


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