College Picks The Wrong Guy!

Published: Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 09:25 AM.

Gulf Coast State College asked me to teach a class revolving around the history of Gulf County. I’m not sure if it’s irony or humor here. But it doesn’t make good sense no matter how it was derived. The flaws are obvious. I haven’t taught in a regular class room setting in 30 years. The little history I know about Gulf County is what I learned waiting my turn up at Cooper’s Barber Shop (You can ponder the reliability of that on your own). And I quit a perfectly good job so I wouldn’t have to work no more.

About the only thing I can figure is that someone at Gulf Coast thought I was old enough to have survived the yellow fever epidemic that wreaked havoc on the once thriving City of St. Joseph!

The program is really a good idea. The college is offering an array of enrichment courses entitled “Education Encore” to adults in the community. For a small fee the school has put together several classes that should peak most anyone’s interest in a wide variety of subjects. Several of the classes are “hands on”. I do applaud Gulf Coast for their continuing interest in our area.

But nobody is going to pay to listen to me!

Besides, I don’t need the hassle. I’d have to shave if I joined in on this venture!

And find a clean white shirt. It would definitely curtail my travel plans for a couple of months. 

I remember teaching those high school kids. You may not believe this, but some days Danny Tankersley came to class with learning not the uppermost thing on his mind. Right in the middle of my lecture on how Hitler came to power, Janet (Hank) Murphy hit a couple of notes on her old guitar and broke out with a dang good rendition of “Delta Dawn”. Traci Middleton could talk the ears off a paranoid donkey. Kitty Core threw erasers at me. And Steve Lawrence and Pam Parker seemed a lot more interested in each other than anything I ever said. 

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