Dachau Was A Long Time Ago

Published: Thursday, August 7, 2014 at 09:13 AM.

            Someone once called Israel a stiff-necked people. Boy howdy! I don’t claim to be an international expert here—foreign countries to us back home was Nashville or Memphis—but that doesn’t keep me from pondering hard into the night on this latest round in the Middle East. I can’t tell exactly who is wearing the white hat here. But you can bet Israel once again is going to get the short end of the world opinion stick. You figure they are probably used to that now, after six thousand years of it.

            By all accounts it appears this Hamas group is hunkered down in caves, tunnels and U. N. hospitals in the Gaza Strip and lobbing rockets, bombs and missiles over into Israel. That would irritate even the most peace minded among us in a fairly short order. It’s not about turning the other cheek here to a militant neighbor, it’s about survival! I don’t know if Israel asked Hamas politely to stop. I don’t know if they tried to broker a peace arrangement through the United States, France or with some other faction of the Palestine government. A period of non-action by Israel and the “peace loving” nations of the world allowed the Hamas fighters to grow bolder as they sent rockets further across the border…….Israel finally retaliated in kind.

            As the first Israeli shot landed the world, including the United States, immediately demanded a unilateral cease fire. I’m more than baffled by this! Where was the world out cry for peace when the first Hamas bomb landed in Israel? Wouldn’t it have been much easier to have stopped this thing BEFORE it got started?

            When Mother was separating me, Leon and David after we had fought from the bedroom, down the hall, through the kitchen, out to the porch the first thing she wanted to know was “Who threw the first blow?” I reckon that doesn’t matter anymore.   

            It’s like the biggest guy in the elementary school at recess. Some of the smaller kids pick on him. The big guy is not mad at anyone. He hasn’t especially done anything wrong, except maybe grow at a faster rate than the others. The taunts become a little meaner, more personal as they are not curbed by any authority. The unfortunate young soul gets tormented on the monkey bars, assailed over by the swing set and finally a rock or two comes from somewhere out of the crowd. I’ve seen this happen with my own eyes. One day, the bewildered big guy pushes one of the vilest offenders. You would have thought World War III was upon us! Teachers run over to stop the mayhem, the principal shows up out of nowhere. This can’t take place in our school yard! The “bully” must be restrained! Conferences break out all over the school system. Counselors and parents are called in. Order must be restored!

            You wonder why better judgment wasn’t used before things got so out of hand. And it needs to be remembered, the guy getting the worst of the beating is often times not the innocent bystander…….

            What if Mexico was building tunnels into California and lobbing bombs into Texas? Wait a minute, they have built tunnels! We had the Border Patrol, National Guard, CHiPs, Secret Service and Geraldo Rivera down there securing “things” quick as a wink.

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