Dad Wasn’t Playing With Someone Else’s Money!

Published: Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 11:58 AM.

You could complain to the high heavens but it wouldn’t help. Folks had problems of their own. I understood from an early age that the universe didn’t revolve around me. And nobody expected something for nothing! Since I couldn’t go to the movie, I galloped down to the big ditch and fought the Indians single handed. Listen, life becomes a lot more colorful when you have to make up your own pictures!

Somewhere in the mid fifties a driver wrecked one of Dad’s trucks. And in the very same week another truck, due to some faulty wiring, caught fire and burned. There was no insurance. You talk about a government shut down! I can’t remember any “woe is me”, lamentations or throwing up the hands. We also didn’t, and wouldn’t, take a handout from anybody. My Dad would have died first! He just kept on working.

I don’t know that we “circled the wagons” or had the ole “we’re all in it together” talk. We just kept on living. And sharing. And growing. And laughing. I look back on it from the vantage point of a lot of years and realize those tough times might have been the greatest days of all for us.  

Sometimes we had so little that a shutdown was hard to perceive.

It got a little tougher in high school when the teamsters union went on strike and Dad couldn’t drive. Billie Jean wanted me to wear those Penguin shirts and take her to the Dairy Bar every night for hamburgers and cherry cokes. I was a little embarrassed for my situation. But I rightly figured dating was important, but it wasn’t essential! And I found a girl that liked to take long walks and swing on the porch.

A shutdown by any government is a set back. I’ve been there. But it is not the end of the world. If we’ve got the wrong people in charge, let’s shut them down. It’s hard to follow OUR money because of all the finger pointing…….by guys that don’t own the money! And I can’t understand how you pay some folks during a shutdown and not pay others. That doesn’t sound like “we’re all in it together” to me. Who’s to say one job is more important than another? What’s happened to compromise, civility, leadership and “truth, justice and the American way”?

            Daddy would just work harder. That was always his answer to any problem. ’Course, people not working got us into this mess in the first place.

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