Don’t Give Us The Old “we were bored” Bunk!

Published: Thursday, September 5, 2013 at 09:14 AM.

BORED? Are you kidding me? Listen, we didn’t have TV, Rubix Cubes, mini-cams, ipads, laptops or cyberspace. We’d never heard of Hollywood Squares, Let’s Make a Deal or Dancing with the Stars. We had to cook with a slow baking oven. You had to get in line and wait your turn at Gene’s Barber Shop. Time didn’t move at all in December and January.

            But I don’t ever remember one time, ever, in my whole life, being bored!

God gave us that remarkable mind so we could enjoy life even on slow days. We invented ways to keep ourselves occupied. We could spend half an afternoon looking for four leaf clovers. And laying on our backs and picking out pirate ships, Indian faces and jumbo jets in the quick moving clouds would make any day roll along at a reasonable pace. Mundane some would say? Obviously, they never “out four leaf clovered” the entire neighborhood or found a Tyrannosaurs Rex in a puffy cumulus when the rest of the group could only “see” a rag doll face or an ordinary alarm clock.

Those people who think the 1950’s were “simple times” most likely didn’t grow up back then! We’d throw rocks at a can on the top of a fence post. We’d climb the tallest tree we could find and look for the big white silos out at Keco Mills. We’d fish for hours down at Archie Moore’s pond. When we realized the fish weren’t hungry, we’d run those Black Angus cows into the water, grab a tail and see if they would “ski” us to the other side!

We’d flatten out cardboard boxes and slide down the steepest hill we could find. We had crabapple wars and flag pole climbing contests. Me, Ricky Hale and Bobby Brewer had a pillow fight in our back bed room that lasted for three days. We’d hang around Bill Argo’s Gulf Station and listen to the grownups “carry on” about hog prices, the weather and the merits of a John Deere over an International Harvester.   

The lone phone hanging in the hall was for emergencies only. The World Wide Web consisted of all those people who were on your party line. YouTube was a rubber inflated tire insert that belonged to a friend. There was no such thing as “uploading”, “downloading” or “sideloading”. But brother, you stand around for a few minutes like you didn’t have nothing to do and Daddy would put you to work “un-loading”!

All-day baseball games, mumbley-peg and “spitting at the crack” were our national pastimes. Dark didn’t slow us down. The fire flies were out. The frogs couldn’t see you slipping up on them. And a “hide and go seek” game could break out faster than you could “kick the can”.

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