“Hey, Hey Paula, I Wanna Marry You”

Published: Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 01:56 PM.

 Let me give you a tip on a solid marriage. I was up visiting years ago and Leon was all hot to trot to show me this nice looking, low millage, gently used Corvette that he had his eye on. The salesman got quickly down to the price. We could “drive it off the lot today” for ten thousand dollars. Leon walked around it a couple of times quite studiously, “I don’t know. Twenty thousand is a lot of money.”

 “Ahhh, Dr. Colbert, you must’a not heard me. It’s only ten thousand.”

 Leon asked me what I thought. He checked out the inside and muttered to himself, “I just don’t think I can go twenty thousand.”

 The dealer is jumping up and down. “DR. COLBERT, there is a big misunderstanding here! This like-new vehicle is only ten thousand dollars!”

 “No”, Leon barely looked up, “YOU don’t understand. If I buy this car for ten thousand dollars, my wife is going to go out and spend ten thousand dollars on something she wants!”

 Leon bought the Corvette. Chuck, within a couple of weeks had purchased new carpet for the entire house and added a sunroom out back.

 Both of my sons attended college in Nashville. Leon went to their ball games. He entertained them with crazy stories. He stood up for them when I couldn’t. Chuck fed them. She opened up her house for them. Both of them consoled my boys when they were down. Both encouraged them in school. They shared all they had. When Mom’s health began to slip it fell Leon and Paula’s lot to care for her. You’ve never seen two people do more or care more.

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