His Hat Was Grayish Brown, With Thorns

Published: Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 10:05 AM.

            Brother Hatcher’s Easter message never changed. I’m not pretending here that I caught every word. But through the hat watching and the fans stirring and counting the grain lines in the pulpit, I heard Lamb, Golgotha, propitiation, forgiveness, resurrection, reconciliation, mercy and everlasting life. It was the same every year. I guess he was going to preach that sermon till “we got it”!

            We spent the week after Easter reviewing the hats. We compared them to the year before and gave a nod to the most improved. In our post Holy Week dreams we were all armed with a BB gun and a front row seat in the balcony. We picked off several birds, a golden hat pin, a Wickersham basket, two turtle doves and one John the Baptist statue.

            All good things have to come to an end. And so it was with the Easter hat crowds. We went off to college and paid attention to matters we deemed more pressing than whose fedora outshined whom. I’m not exactly sure when the custom began its slow slide into oblivion.       

            There was not a hat to be seen in our church this Easter. It was not surprising or even noteworthy. It is just as well. I’m too old to hide any more. And Leon and David were not here so we couldn’t have voted anyway. Our pastor, in the solid tradition of Brother Hatcher, brought the Easter Message up to date…….by not changing one single word in it!




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