I Deserve A Moon Pie Today!

Published: Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 11:03 AM.

Coach Scott preached teamwork. “We’re an equal opportunity outfit, men. Everybody contributes or nobody wins!” If the left guard didn’t block and Bob Cassidy came roaring through the gap and plastered Johnny Stoker in his tracks, Coach would move the left guard to running back. It didn’t take but a couple of head on collisions with Bob for the left guard to get the message. Everybody is important to the team! It’s the old “ a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” theory. We won a lot of football games so Coach must have known something.

It was the same when Miss Vincent assigned those history reports. Suzie Cozart, Beverly Sparks, Don Melton and James Hastings got put in my group. I knew Suzie would be alright; Bev, too, unless some new good looking guy moved in. James wasn’t too interested in researching anything; much less the underlying causes leading up to World War I. Don would go along if the mood struck him. But he could wander pretty quickly if things weren’t going to suit him. A couple of them would lean always to the crowd. This group assignment plan would only work if everyone pitched in. I needed to be in the group with Diana Morris, but Lord, Buddy Wiggleton was in that bunch! It would kill the most ardent student’s incentive for American History if the other team members didn’t take at least a passing shot at giving an effort to contribute. I guess the payoff of a good grade wasn’t enough to get some classmates to even fake an interest in it.

Mediocracy is easily achieved but it sure weakens the whole pot!

I have heard the unlearned (or, at least, the unwed) declare that marriage was a fifty/fifty proposition. Boy howdy, they are not married to my wife! It takes one hundred per cent of every thing I have to keep her fat and happy. And let me tell you, sometimes I drop below that threshold. I can be obstinate, lazy, no good and hard to live with. I don’t pull my fair share of the load. In football vernacular, I’m not pushing the sled. Cathy has to give a hundred and fifty percent to make up for my lack of drive. She thinks that’s not fair! I tell her I’m just making up for all those Moon Pies Leon ate when we were children.

Everybody’s got an excuse if you go looking for it.



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