Hunker Down

Published: Thursday, June 27, 2013 at 09:24 AM.

            I would love to see the Snake River. I don’t even know where it is; I think Montana or Wyoming. I don’t know one thing about it. Except it appears to be fairly crooked and Lewis and Clark used it on their trek to explore the Louisiana Purchase. I like the name. If it is close to Jackson Hole, I could kill two vacations with one stone.

            How about Alaska? I’ve been hankering to get there ever since John Wayne and Fabian found the gold “just a little southeast of Nome”. I want to see the northern lights and the caribou crawl. I want to mush a team of huskies through the snow. I want to pet White Fang. How great would it be to scratch that “call of the wild” itch! I think about Alaska a lot in July and August……

            There is a cornbread festival held every year in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. I don’t know what all they do there except sample the obvious but I’d like to check it out. When I tell them how much cornbread I’ve eaten over the years I figure I’d be in line for a judge’s role for sure! Of all my vacation plans and aspirations, this is the trip my wife shows the least interest in. As a matter of fact, if I can’t talk you in to going with me, I’ll catch this one by myself!  

            I would like to see the sun rise over Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. And climb Pike’s Peak. And drive across Hoover Dam. I’d like to take a month off and ride down route 66. I want to stare at those presidents’ heads someone thoughtfully cut out in the Dakotas. I’d like to retrace Custer’s last day. I would like to spend a football week-end in Oxford, Mississippi. Or ride in one of the hot air balloons at the festival in Albuquerque. The possibilities are endless……

            ’Course, when my boys came along, we took them home to visit their grandparents. I told them it was a vacation. As they grew older they grumbled a mite and suggested Disney World or that big fair in Knoxville. I explained to them “we WERE on a vacation!” It was a long ways to granny’s…..and we were sleeping in a different bed……



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