I May Have To Go Undercover……

Published: Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 09:34 AM.

I’ve told you before it was Bobby Brewer’s idea to climb the water tower. I just went along because he couldn’t carry both cans of paint. He did most of the lettering. It took us over two hours and we must have left a thousand prints up there. The town fathers were not pleased and the whole thing stirred up a bigger commotion than even Bobby figured on. I kept my mouth shut and prayed my Father wouldn’t put two and two together.

The problem is that water tower it still standing today! And there’s no way there could be many hands touched where Bobby and I climbed that night! I don’t care how many years have passed. And, idiot me, just volunteered to be fingerprinted. I might as well go back up there, walk into the police station and raise both hands right now!

How fool proof is this fingerprinting thing anyway? What if I have a left index finger that matches the same finger of a serial killer on the loose in western Montana? Or my right thumb print aligns exactly with a female rap singer from New Jersey? The experts say that can’t happen. But some of those same experts said we’d never put men on the moon and that wrestling is fake.

I feel like “The Fugitive” in the old TV series……



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