I May Have To Start Raising Chickens

Published: Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 09:12 AM.

            When does that “Affordable Health Care” thing kick in? I know it’s coming. I’ve seen the heralding and posturing. If I understand it right, you just go down and sign up and all your health insurance needs are taken care of……at a fraction of the price Blue Cross has been charging. Some are even saying it’s not going to cost anything. This could be the greatest thing since sliced bread!

            I just need to know when it’s going to reach down to my house. I don’t know how much longer Cathy and I can hang on. Our monthly health insurance premiums are higher than a cat’s back! I’ve bought automobiles for less. One agent suggested that we set up a direct withdrawal from a bank account so “you will hardly notice the payment”. What kind of bank account do these people think we have? Our yearly payout is more than some third world countries’ GNP. I’m not sure we can get sick enough to get our money back!

            I heard a CNN guy say you couldn’t be turned down under this new health deal even if you had preexisting problems. And I think it has to cover everything. That’s going to be a blessing for us. It seems, under our current policy, every high cost medicine or special procedure or the doctor we need is not covered under the plan we have chosen. Apparently, they write you the high dollar coverage and then start right in immediately on the list of what it does not cover……. I called the “convenient” 800 hotline number listed in our brochure to get some clarification. The automated voice suggested I read the fine print. 

            Boy howdy, the Affordable Health Care Law is getting here just in the nick of time.

            I actually thought congress had already voted on this. But apparently not; or they are taking their own sweet time about sharing the good news with our insurance people. I hope to goodness they haven’t sent this thing to a committee or placed it under judicial review. Maybe it’s one of those “trickle down” policies……

            If that’s the case, someone in Washington needs to turn the spigot on.

            I’m so happy it’s coming I’m not even questioning how they’re going to pay for it. But I am a little befuddled. It’s the furniture store syndrome that has me scratching my head. You know what I’m talking about. Furniture stores have historically existed on two advertising schemes. One is, of course, the going out of business sale. I’ve personally known stores in Paris, Tennessee, that went out of business six or seven times a year. The other tactic is the factory direct sale. The owner comes on TV declaring he is able to slash prices because he has “cut out the middleman”.

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