It Doesn’t Make Sense Until You Do The Math!

Published: Thursday, August 1, 2013 at 09:16 AM.

You may think simple or plain, or maybe stupid. But I believe it prepared us for life like nothing else could have done. My two brothers would fight you if you messed up their hair. They would fight you if you stuck out your tongue at them. They would fight you if you called them a sissy. Sometimes they would fight you if you were just standing there. But they would not fight you over “things”. Neither of them had a selfish bone in their body. Leon would give you the shirt off his back. AND HE DID! It was usually about two years before I could grow into it…..  

We appreciated a simple trip to town. I loved the Ben Franklin Store with all the toys and bins of candy. You could explore all day through the two hardware stores “just off the square”. Robert Hall would greet you with a smile and a laugh at the Western Auto even if you were “just looking”. We played cops and robbers in the alley behind the U’Tote’Em Grocery Store. We climbed the steps in front of the McKenzie Banner and “spied” on the whole town. And we never took for granted the fifteen cents Dad would give us to go to the Saturday matinees at the Park Theatre.

We were thankful that every vacant lot, side yard and less traveled street was at our disposal. A kick-the-can game could break out in a heartbeat. If no one was looking you could ping a few rocks off the L&N rail cars as the 2:15 to Memphis came high balling past. We could make a game out of rolling a used-up tire down a steep hill.

Most every kid in town shared our “hard” times. And no matter the circumstances, we never thought poor.  And we weren’t! We didn’t have any money but we were keeping score by who could hold their breath the longest down at Roe Alexander’s Twin Pools; who could run the fastest on the elementary play ground; who could spit nearest the crack on the sidewalk outside Gene’s Barber Shop; or who could skip a rock the most times across Carroll Lake.    

That “deprived” thing is mostly in the eye of the beholder.

I am so thankful today that we weren’t held back by copious amounts of money and “trinkets”. Can you imagine being saddled with the responsibility of a cell phone, ipad or any other wi fi fed electronic device. Even as youngsters, we didn’t need a GPS to tell us we were standing in front of the Golden Rule or Covington’s Drugstore. And I bet it is hard to hit a home run in the World Series while you are downloading the latest Justin Bieber warble.   

Nothing doesn’t sound like a lot…….until you add it all up!

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