Mr. Paschall Was “Gooder” Than Most!

Published: Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 09:36 AM.

            If a class or a group was really not acting to suit him he’d shake his head and admonish us, “Don’t act like them Atwood boys”.  I don’t actually think he knew any boys from Atwood and I can assure you, he meant them no harm. It was just a reference with him to get us to mind our p’s and q’s.

            He never missed a ball game of any kind. Usually, he sat up close and cheered for us and reminded our opponents that we “were gooder than they were”! When the football field needed the hash lines mowed, he invented a six inch blade that worked perfectly. If you hadn’t heard a good fox hunting story in a while, all you had to do was stroll over to the house across from the grammar school. He could talk eloquently or “down home Puryear, Tennessee” slang in the most entertaining way on any subject you could bring up.

He taught, treated and was concerned for the student that was struggling to graduate just the same as the ones he knew were college bound. That was a “life lesson” that I have never forgotten. He made learning a laughing ride and field trips into lasting memories.

I loved the whole family. And I will carry in my heart to the day I die the love, knowledge and guidance the whole family so unselfishly poured into me.

I went to visit Mr. Paschall several years ago. He was probably in his early seventies. While he was chastising me about crippling his favorite frog I remembered one of his many abilities, “Mr. Paschall, can you still walk on your hands?” He said, “I don’t know, let’s see.” He proceeded to swing up on his hands and “walk” half way across the front yard.

If you put one ounce of credence into that ignorant and erroneous statement about “those who can’t, teach”……..then you just read this story today to be entertained!         


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