“Mumbley-Peg” Sounds Pretty Tame

Published: Thursday, September 20, 2012 at 10:32 AM.

We played “Stalag 17” in the side yard after dark. It wasn’t too dangerous, except for the guy who climbed upon the roof with the flashlight. Or, if you got excited when you were running to avoid the spotlight and you lost track of where the clothes line poles or the guide wires were. We’d pull over a mid sized tree, put David in the top branches and see how far he could fly when we let go. We’d roller skate holding on to the back of the milk truck.

We had no seat belts in those days. You could run around inside those big Buicks! We loved to hang on the running board and try to catch low hanging limbs. Ten of us would pile in the back of a pick-up and ride to town. Part of the fun was hanging some one off the back until they cried “uncle”. We’d grab a shotgun apiece, climb on the front fenders of Clifford’s old Ford and go pre dawn rabbit hunting. The miracle wasn’t that we would actually hit a racing hare on occasion, the real trick was to avoid shooting the truck……or each other!

I signed up for the high school football team just as soon as I was eligible. I figured my body needed the rest.



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