New Year Resolution……Of Sorts!

Published: Thursday, January 16, 2014 at 09:23 AM.

“Get to the point, son!” Dad’s patience had cut to the chase, “Enough wandering around!”

            I feel the same way about these little blurbs I’m perpetrating on the American public. I don’t want to be as long winded as Leon when another of his “good ideas” went awry.

            We live on microwaves, drive through restaurants, instant cash loans and high speed internets. We don’t even take the time to spell out y-o-u when we text message. No one in their right mind is going to sit down and read a story that seemingly just goes on and on and on.

            I sometimes doze off myself writing these things.

            It’s like having to listen to the boss when he comes up with a new idea that he believes is going to revolutionize the industry. We’ve all stood politely by while the grandmother lovingly takes a minute, or ten, to pontificate on her “little princess” getting the lead role in The Nutcracker Suite. And how many times have we listened in a semi-stupor as the latest politician takes ten thousand words to explain that the obvious flaws in his new legislation is not actually a flaw but a clever trick by the opposing party to make it look like he was wrong! 

            I remember Dad telling us years ago that the attorney who argues the longest and the loudest invariably has the weakest case.

            You should have been at the First Baptist Church back in the early sixties when Brother Hatcher got to talking about the Philistines coming down to take some land away from Israel! Whew! That man could wax eloquently…..for a while! He preached so long one Sunday on the virtues of the apostle Paul I got to praying Jesus would just come on back right now and put an end to our misery. Leon broke this “verbal-thon” a mite by quietly tearing tiny pieces off the church bulletin and rolling them into miniature basketballs. In between the “road to Damascus” and a “trip to Thessalonica”, he shot them toward the round pen holder slot screwed to the back of the pew in front of us.   

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