Oh Say, Can “THEY” See…

Published: Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 10:09 AM.

            These young people need to comprehend what awaits them. The bounty is plentiful for those who earnestly seek it. But the pitfalls, potholes and potential catastrophes of life also loom on the horizon. How do you cling to the good and avoid the bad? How do teenagers sort out the wheat from the chaff? It can be a razor thin line for some between success and failure.

            I should have been less inclined to extol the history and virtues of the United States Constitution and spent the time explaining how this revered document has been tweaked, interpreted, misinterpreted and even stretched on occasion—to meet the special needs of a specific group, situation or crisis. Flexibility is certainly not a bad thing. Our forefathers clearly understood and allowed for that. But, so often the “flex” is in the eye of the beholder.

            Teenagers today need to be wise beyond their years to figure out and function appropriately in this tilt-a-whirl universe they are diving head first into.

            It’s not like all the good guys wear white hats and you simply avoid the rest. I hear conflicting arguments in political debates and think “they are both right”….. ’Course, I also hear lots of political vexing, and I’m pretty sure “they are both wrong”. Some days, I can’t tell the Republicans from the Democrats or the sincere, earnest friends from the diabolical shysters. And we’re asking high school seniors to graduate with a smile and a handshake and step into this arena! I wonder if it is too late to start a class right now for them on how to fix the mess the last generation left behind.

            We are still the greatest nation on earth, and I will fight any man that says different. We are still the land of opportunity…..if you don’t believe that, check the immigration flow. Rags to riches story still abound in this country. There is not a state in the union that doesn’t have something special to offer. I want the youth of our nation to exploit every opportunity to the fullest.

            But, at the same time, I have some serious doubts about our direction. Listen, we’ve got more of everything that you can name on the face of the earth between “the redwood forest” and “the Gulf Stream waters”. We ought to be living large and enjoying life! But we seem, as a nation, to keep getting in our own way. Do you reckon we’ve over stretched the freedoms we’ve been given? Our elected folks often haggle more than they lead……and there is so much anger. Has the tail begun to wag the dog?  Are we still being governed by the consent of the people?

            I wonder if Jefferson, Washington, Madison and the boys would recognize the government they founded. Surely, we are not measuring our current society by how many days out of the year our flags fly at half-mast.

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