“Praise The Lord and Pass The Ammunition”

Published: Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 11:25 AM.

I don’t know where or how he received the Bronze Arrowheads. I don’t know about the Presidential Unit Citation or the other ribbons. He never said much about the war to me. He never one time complained about having to go, or the fighting, or the lost years away from his wife and baby son. He didn’t brag or dwell on the war. The job finished, he came home and went back to work. It was over. Heroes to him were always the ones that didn’t make it back.

Here’s the part you’ve got to grasp this morning. Dad’s story was only one of 16 million! Don’t say it so fast or let the numbers be so vast that you just pass it off. Or fail to catch the sacrifice, the daring, the glint of steel in the eyes, the fortitude, the immeasurable courage, the love of country and the heroism in each and every single one of them!

General Custer divided his forces and the Indians got him. Hitler had to fight the Americans to the West and the Russians on the Eastern Front. He couldn’t stand the heat. We sent American troops in World War II into North Africa, Italy, France, the Solomon Islands, Midway, New Guinea, Iwo Jima, the Philippines ……well, you get the idea. It was said that during that war we had troops fighting in every time zone in the world……except for four very precious ones at home!

It has been sixty-seven years since the war ended. There are only two million World War II veterans left. The average age for them is approaching ninety. We are losing those courageous soldiers now at a rate of about 750 a day. I hope and pray we are earnestly seeking them out today, shaking their hands and thanking them once again for the tremendous debt we owe them. We wait another five or ten years and our opportunity may be lost forever.




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