Somebody In This Deal Struck Gold!

Published: Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 11:16 AM.

            It just galls me to no end. And I’ve been living like this for forty years! Don’t get me wrong. The anniversary is special, certainly a milestone. Forty years of marriage is nothing to sneeze at. But it still galls me to high Heaven that everywhere we’ve gone, everybody we’ve met, folks that just walk in off the street……they take one look at me and Cathy together and promptly declare in front of the whole world, “Ole Kes here, he sure married above himself!”

            HELLO, I’m standing in the room. I CAN HEAR YOU!

            It started with her family. They naturally didn’t think I was “good enough” for their sister, niece, daughter, grandchild…….I think it was Daddy Brown who said I didn’t have any “prospects”. Mercy sakes, I wasn’t panning for gold! Cathy had three great aunts that made it their life’s work to “keep a close eye on me”. They pointed out on occasion—like Christmas holidays, Thanksgiving, Mule Day, Yon Kippur, the first Tuesday after the second Monday—that I should be thankful every day of my life that I married such a stellar person.        I tried to point out “that gate swings both ways” but I got two stares and a stern “harrumph” to the contrary.

            My family was no better. “Son”, this was my dear Mother, “You’d better marry this precious soul as quick as you can.” Leon added, with a bit more incredulity in his voice than I thought necessary, “What could she possibly see in you?”

            Let me tell you, ain’t nobody perfect! And that includes my first wife. I found out early in this marriage about her nagging. We were on our honeymoon in St. Louis. I believe it was the third, or maybe the fourth baseball game, when she turned to me with her mouth full of pretzel and moaned, “I thought when you said we were going to eat out—you meant a restaurant!”

            I took her to a college reunion. John Stewart said hello and turned to me, “Kes, you married above yourself”. David Paschall caught up with me over by the punch bowl, “Kes, you sure married—”

            It’s enough to give a guy a complex! I’ve wandered in this wilderness as long as that Moses fellow.

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