Somebody In This Deal Struck Gold!

Published: Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 11:16 AM.

            I don’t think marriage is a one way street. But I don’t know for sure, ours is still a work in progress. It seems to reason both parties have to bring a little something to the table. Being good friends helps a bunch. A great sense of humor is a must. And if she tolerates your smelly running shoes by the back door, the antique clocks hanging on every wall and the baseball locker where the mud room was supposed to be……..maybe you have married “alright”.

            But let’s not get carried away over who got the best end of the deal. And for goodness sakes, you don’t have to “throw it up” to me every ten minutes, or so.

            Those salt of the earth folks down at the church who Sunday after Sunday remind me that I “married above myself” don’t know about her temper. Why, she yelled at me once back in 1978. Well, she didn’t really yell. Maybe she raised her voice a little. OK, she didn’t actually raise her voice but I think I caught a hint of displeasure in it when she said, “You and Jake aren’t going coon hunting again tonight, are you?” We had read in the “American Cooner” that the consecutive streak for night hunts stood at eighty-six. Shoot, we’d already been every night in September and October. We had a good shot at the record…… 

            Buddy Wiggleton married above himself. I grew up with Buddy. He was a good ole boy dead set in his ways…..which could be a tad unconventional at times. Lana has stood by him through thick and thin, better or worse!

            Dennis Geoghagan married above himself. Kay, with all her beauty and singing talent, presented Dennis with the three most special daughters you will ever see. A man can’t have it any better than he does.

            Jimmy Joe Fitzgerald married above himself. Jean Swearingen was one of the nicest and most polite girls in our high school class. Jimmy Joe was a mite rough around the edges. It would take a person like Jean to get the very best out of him.

            I have a good friend here in town who married above himself, twice! Now, that’s hard to do……unless the old boy didn’t have much to start with.

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