Suffer The Little Ones…

Published: Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 10:45 AM.

            I want the two of us to build a Tinker Toy skyscraper and a Lincoln Log house. I want Max to feel the wind in his face as he rounds second base in the back yard pick up game. I want him to swing on a grape vine and get smacked up side the head in a crab apple war. I want him to fall off a horse at least once in his lifetime. I want him to place a penny on a railroad track and hide behind the bushes and watch as the train flattens it out. I want him to sit beside me at the City Café and asked me how it was when I was a boy.

            My dreams have dreams when it comes to this little one. 

            I pray God allows me the years to watch him grow. I want us to pull the covers off the bed and make a fort. I want us to hide in the big closet from his older sisters. I want to make a little wooden boat and set it afloat in Everett’s Lake. I want to drive up in his front yard and have him burst out the door, jump the front steps and leap into my arms. I want to tell him about the American Revolution, Will Rogers and the times America went off to war. I want him to understand the wisdom, forthrightness and work ethic of his great grandfather.

            When he is older and life gets a tad more complicated, I want him to seek me out. If a storm arises, I want him to clearly know where at least one port will always be. I’m not going to waste precious seconds telling him how important love is in this old world……I’m going to give him a walking demonstration of it every second we have together!


            Can’t Wait To Get Started,    


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