Talking Didn’t Change Hog Prices

Published: Tuesday, December 31, 2013 at 09:25 AM.

            I have the same thought every year at this time.

Maybe it’s ESPN’s fault. You turn over there and they are doing the “10 best plays of the past year”. Or the “10 worst”. Time Magazine picks its Man of the Year. The Golf Channel will show you the “10 best shots of 2013”. Every news network is awash with their picks for the most noteworthy stories of the “old” year.

At the same time…..and often on the same channel……someone is boldly predicting what the stock market is going to do in 2014. How much will a U. S. postal stamp go up in the next twelve months? Which foreign nation will be the “hot spot” in the upcoming year? Someone right now is on Good Morning America pontificating on what fashion craze or new reality show is about to take the nation by storm. And, as you are so aware, New Year’s predictions are in full bloom.

My head is about to swivel off my neck! I can’t figure out if we are looking back……or projecting forward in the waning days of yet, another year.

This confusion started in grade school. We’d come back from a wonderful two week holiday and Miss Carolyn would immediately go around the room with the obligatory “What did you do during the Christmas break”? I’d listen to Anne tell about her trip to Memphis or Suzie’s puppy knocking over the Christmas tree or Ricky’s uncle driving all the way from Paducah to bring him a gift.

They are moving down the row toward me and I can’t think of one interesting thing I did over the break!  No one wants to hear about the fight me and David Mark had over the Chinese checkers. Sliding down that hill beside George Sexton’s house on a piece of cardboard isn’t exactly scintillating news. And watching Leon do something utterly flabbergasting had become so common place that I didn’t even think about writing them down (much less getting up in class and talking about them) until just a few years ago. 

I would be sweating in January by the time Miss Carolyn called on me!

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