Thankful For The “Little Giblets”

Published: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 at 09:21 AM.

            People filled that stadium on Friday nights to cheer for those seniors leading us on to victory. They never even noticed me. I was number 20, way down at the end of the bench, gently holding my swollen wrist in my “good” hand and still bleeding from a cut above my left eye I’d suffered when I didn’t duck quick enough on Tuesday!

            Here’s something else that you won’t understand, but I’m also thankful for, this Thanksgiving season. I learned more about life, myself and what it takes to make it in this world as a freshman…….than I did as a senior starting in every game.

            I’m thankful it wasn’t me that took the red light off the only police car in town and hooked it up to the jukebox out at the Diary Bar. There were some mad neighborhood watch groups over that deal! I did drop a nickel in the slot and pushed A-ll just to see the light flash. I’m not positive about the statute of limitations here so I can’t tell you how much trouble Leon had wiring a police light up to a record machine. But the memory sure lives on.       

            I’m thankful Mom chose Daddy over that Bert Freemen guy.     

            I’m thankful I only went off to college one time. I don’t think anyone could live through leaving home twice! You talk about out of your safety zone! And lonely. And afraid. And lost. I’m telling you, that freshman year in any setting, is there mostly to toughen up the hide a mite.

            Today, I’m thankful my kids moved out…….and stayed gone. They’ve got to make their own memories.

            Well, you get the idea. Let’s not get so caught up in the obvious this Thanksgiving that we don’t appreciate the little, everyday blessings that make life so real, so interesting and so much fun.

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