We used sawmill slats for skis

Published: Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 12:16 PM.

The Bobsled races took place over on Forrest Hill. Nobody had a bobsled of course, but Ricky owned an old Radio Flyer with the flexible front runners. It was built for one person but we were kind’a small. We would crowd three or four of us on that thing and shove off. We raced right down the middle of Forrest Avenue because when it would freeze over you could whip up some Olympic style speed in a hurry! It intersected down at the bottom with Main Street. We had to hope traffic was light due to the inclement weather. There was no way to stop, or even slow down. We shot across Main Street and hit the opposite curb going a hundred miles an hour. The contest here was to see who could get thrown the farthest up toward the gray brick house when that Radio hit the curb!

As we grew older, the winter games grew with us. We’d attach an old Chevrolet car hood to the back of a pick-up truck with a forty foot piece of rope. We’d turn the hood upside down and a half dozen of us would crawl on. Leon would take off like Richard Petty down the Como Road! You can’t imagine the twists and curves on that narrow highway. We’d be bouncing in the snow covered ditch one minute and the next we’d be flying across the road to the other side! I’m telling you with my hand up, if that is not an Olympic event, there’s not a Russian in Sochi!

We never got to step up on a stand while somebody played the Star Spangled Banner. We didn’t appear on any Wheaties Boxes. But we also didn’t have to wait four years for the games to commence. And nobody that I know of ever got run over down there on Main Street.

I’d say we got the better end of the deal.




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