What Goes Around……Comes Around!

Published: Friday, January 4, 2013 at 10:10 AM.

  We were sitting on the meteorite that had blasted down to earth at the corner of Magnolia and Stonewall Street. It had special powers! None of us could remember exactly when it crash landed. And I couldn’t say, of course for sure, that it was a real meteorite. But it was a different looking limestone, had pock marks all over it and it sure “seemed” to have come from outer space. We believed it was a special rock…..that was the important thing!

  You might think our requests simple. But growing was important to a second grader. School wasn’t. And reading was even below arithmetic in that land of long ago. We made the best resolutions we could make based on the circumstances.

  In junior high we were still sitting on the meteorite for “power” but our resolutions had grown with us. “I want to be the quarterback and best linebacker we have next year.”

  “I hope to be the eighth grade Student Council representative.”

  “Would it be ok to wish for a month long snowstorm that would close school until, say April?”

  “I want to make a million dollars this year and move to Hollywood!”

  By High School our “resoluting” had moved to the back booth of Frank’s Dairy Bar. And perhaps our thoughts for the upcoming 1965 had narrowed a bit. “I want to get a date with Billie Jean.”

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