What Goes Around……Comes Around!

Published: Friday, January 4, 2013 at 10:10 AM.

  “You reckon Larry would look at me if I lost forty pounds?”

  “Do you think Nola would give me a second chance?”

  “Kes, would you ask Yogi to ask Charlotte to ask LaRenda if she would talk to Bonnie and see if she might possibly think about going out with me?” Life had gotten a bit more complicated over those burgers and malted shakes. I stopped by the meteorite on my way home. “Lord, do you think Jane would go out with me this next year if I asked her plain out?” There were some New Year’s Resolutions that wasn’t no one else’s business!

  College was another whole ball game! Halfway through the first year I wasn’t thinking girl friends, growing two feet or running off to Hollywood. It was survival first and foremost! Mother was helping me pack at the end of the Christmas break and I’m thinking earthquake, tsunami, fire and brimstone……anything that could keep me from going back! Never had my little hometown looked so good! College was hard. It was lonely. And the professors didn’t treat you like Miss Dorothy did back in the second grade. That New Year’s, my resolutions centered on just making it till June. I stopped by the meteorite on my way back that afternoon. “Old friend, I’m not going to let this beat me. We somehow made it through grade school and junior high, I can do this…….but I sure wish Ricky, Pam, Jane, Buddy and the others were with me.”

Family and children can change your whole outlook on the up coming year. My wishes were their wishes. The New Year’s hankerings kinda got caught up in their health and well being. I was busy trying to make a living. Providing. January 1’s began rolling around faster than a bill collector during a depression! Before I could wish a prosperous year for my group, the next one would be here. Life happens sometimes when you are too busy to notice. 

None of us, of course, could ignore the world stage as we pondered the global aspects of New Year’s wishes; fighting in Vietnam, unrest in Africa, a crazy leader in South America, threats and counter threats between Israel and the Arab world; suicide bombers, random shootings…… It was sometimes a chilling introspective as one stood on the eve of another year.

I have prayed for peace; and understanding; and for the whole world to get along. I have prayed for the less fortunate and the mundane. Shucks, I’ve prayed for Democrats and Republicans to sit down together and reason like adults. I have prayed against evil and dark places. I reckon in a lifetime that has seen so many sweeping events, advances, changes and a backwards step or two, I have run the preverbal gauntlet of New Year’s Resolutions.

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