Wile E. Coyote Can Talk A Good Game!

Published: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 03:58 PM.

It’s time for someone to show up and do something!

I’m tired of sending eight hundred trillion dollars to some Arab country in the Middle East and see them “appreciate it” by burning the American flag on the six o’clock news. I’m tired of supporting countries a hundred thousand miles from the house that pay us back by voting against us every single chance they get in the UN. I’m tired of seeing Greece or Spain have a hiccup with their monetary system and somehow our stock market goes down five hundred points. I don’t want anything in America tied to anything in Europe. Or Japan. Or China. Or Constantinople for goodness sakes!

I want to be friends with every nation on earth. But not all the time on their terms! I want American policy set by Americans. I want Senators and U. S. House of Representatives to care more about our country than their next campaign run. I’m tired of the incessant Democratic-Republican standoff. I’m so weary of “party line” votes. It might just be that both groups have outlived their usefulness. How refreshing it would be to find just one man in Washington that would actually vote like he said he would when he was asking us for the job. If it’s all part of the “system”, we’ve got the wrong system!

I wish we would exalt Jesus Christ publicly like we used to in this country.

I believe the clock is truly ticking. The Golden Goose is sinking off to the west somewhere. If we’re not at the crossroads, we can absolutely see the sign from here.

We are not going to find the answers on CNN, ABC or the Golf Channel. I don’t give a whistling twit about “fair and balanced”. I want things slanted toward the United States of America! I want my country to stand tall at the top of the heap. I want to see that Eagle fly! The National Anthem is still my all time favorite song!

Maybe these candidates we’ve have today are too broad minded. They espouse a solution for every known malady on earth (remember Free Soil, Free Speech, etc.). Daddy once pointed out a young couple in the car in front of us all huddled up behind the steering wheel. The young man was trying to control the car while he was kissing the girl at the same time. Dad said, “Boys, there goes a man down the road half doing two jobs”.

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