You Talk About Sweet Memories!

Published: Friday, November 30, 2012 at 10:01 AM.

I celebrated my first real job down at the Swimming Pool by springing for Hostess Cup Cakes for the whole crew. We’d combine our money and buy Twinkies to take on hunting trips. When we lost a tough football game or a semi-pretty girl friend, we’d stroll downtown and drown our sorry in a Hostess twin pack. Shucks, we never outgrew licking the stuck chocolate off the white liner board. 

I went out with Pat Houston’s youngest daughter a few times. I figured it might give me an inside track on “reduced” baseball cards and Hostess Cup Cakes. Mr. Pat was a shrewd businessman; he let me know right quick and emphatically that only family got price breaks. Uh…..uh……uh…… You know those Baby Ruths were really a pretty good alternative!

It seems somehow un-American for such a familiar company to go out of business. It certainly makes no sense in light of the delicious products we’re talking about here! Or the memories! If I had known the brand was in a tight spot, I would have eaten a few more over the years! How on earth are kids going to celebrate Little League victories? Or their first job? Or birthdays at church?

We’ve lost something here folks; another chink out of life. You can mark it down as unavoidable, just the way things are, grown-up business, economic times or who gives a flying hoot. That still doesn’t make it right!

I wish I hadn’t a’worn out those Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams cards in the spokes of my bicycle. If I’d just set them aside and kept them, I’d have enough money today to buy the Hostess Company…….                      

With A Sad Heart,


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