You Talk About The Cart Before The Horse!

Published: Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 09:23 AM.

And oh, how I looked forward to my birthday. Mom would make a cake. Friends would come to my party bearing gifts. I was the center of attention. Problem was, the more you tried to hurry it, the more it stayed just out of your grasp. I wanted so to be six and start school (my parents had lied to me and told me it would be fun). Then I soooo longed to be eight and sign-up for Little League. Bobby Jack Cantrell promised me I could pitch and bat fourth “as soon as you’re twelve”.

Sixteen took the longest “to get here” by far. I could drive before then, but my folks had the dangdest rules. They didn’t understand that I had places to go. Friends to pick up! Girls to take out! I wanted to comb my hair back, hang my elbow out the window and cruise Frank’s Dairy Bar. Mom urged patience, “It will be here soon, son”. Dad allowed as how I might not go as far as I “talked” if I didn’t get busy and earn a little gas money.

I literally counted down the days.

Suffice it to say I don’t have to “count the days” on anything any more. I just turn around and the event I was waiting on is a distant memory. It went by like a runaway freight train! It was only yesterday I remember thinking if my first born could simply tell me where he hurt instead of crying, I could do this parent thing. That little boy turned thirty-seven last week.

July the Fourth came and went before I could get my flag up. My Thanksgiving turkey hasn’t digested and I’m totin’ holly into the house. And, back to what got us going today, I’ve got to find a Christmas gift for Cathy whether I’m ready or not! And I’d better hurry, it will be Valentine’s before I can get to the store and back.

Isn’t life a hoot! Especially when you figure most of us have been living it backwards!

Why couldn’t time have moved like this when we were studying on those boring cloud shapes? School would have been over in a week! Think of the roller skates, mopeds, fishing rods, shotguns and English Leather I could have enjoyed if Christmas had come along as often back then as it does now. I long today for that leisurely pace of my youth. Things go by so fast I have a constant knot in my neck. 

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