A sad display

Published: Tuesday, November 6, 2012 at 12:24 PM.

Granted it has not always been pretty this summer and there are tactics that raise howls in adult conversation, but the bottom line is these are citizens exercising their right to protest and engage government and they were publicly pilloried by publicly-paid elected officials because of that exercise in democracy.

Williams made a repeated mention about courage throughout his outburst, but exactly what kind of courage is entailed when commissioners sit in their cushioned chairs and with prompting abuse their own public input rules in order to grind personal axes while there is a man with a gun, the sheriff, protecting them.

What kind of courage does a bully – and this was a 40-minute session that would bring suspensions in the public schools – really possess?

This was a black eye for Gulf County. Anyone viewing the second half of that meeting would take away bewilderment at just what kind of place Gulf County is and what kind of government is operated from the county courthouse complex.

The only message is that a voice is allowed in Gulf County only if it is desired to be heard by elected officials.

McLemore pretty much summed it up when he attempted to backtrack his statement about “blow-ins” by mentioning that he encouraged people to move to Gulf County, just don’t come wishing to tell local government what to do.

In other words, please come down to Gulf County – just leave your rights as citizens behind. That is a message the Tourist Development Council can surely brand.

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