A workshop to nowhere

Published: Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 02:30 PM.

Williams, the board chair, is a alame duck playing out the string until he leaves office in a few short weeks, but the fact that the city’s most vitriolic critic could not make a meeting of substance when the cameras where off says volumes.

Also missing was County Commissioner Carmen McLemore who has always talked a good game about assisting all in the county but whose actions, particularly when it comes to items such as the commodities program which overwhelming benefits a single district, reveal a dadgum good district commissioner and a lousy county commissioner.

In sum, while no decisions were reached during this workshop, two-fifths of the county, including one district directly impacted by actions of the city pertaining to water and sewer, were not represented at the table.

Now, granted, with Williams and McLemore out of the room the chances for a more civil, statesmanlike meeting were markedly improved, but given the fact that all other commissioners, a fair number of residents and staff managed to make the workshop, their absence was telling.

County-wide representation

We can exhaust the dictionary and a thesaurus running through the various scenarios the Board of County Commissioners have sped through while deflecting the voters’ stated desire to end single-member districts.

The history has been written.

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