Case closed?

Published: Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 11:22 AM.

I know my Law and Order.

As most any family member will attest I have likely seen every episode over the 20-year rein of that cops and lawyers procedural – at least 10 times apiece.

There are some episodes I could probably recite on the spot, line for line.

I can give you the timeline for every detective, every assistant district attorney and every district attorney on that show – from the original pilot episode.

I can pick out actors and, in a heartbeat, click off the general plotline and possibly year that they appeared in other episodes and what character they played and how many people they killed.

I have seen Jack McCoy’s eyebrows arch more times than I could count and watched Ben Stone – there is a time warp – hold his glasses while trapping some defendant with sheer indignation.

And I have heard plenty of speeches about the jobs of the police and the district attorneys about serving the public and holding that ideal up as paramount – what serves the people.

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