Case closed?

Published: Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 11:22 AM.

So either Garth did or did not have a felony conviction. Either he voted illegally for years or not. Either Garth was able to pass every background check, but one, over the span of 40 years or not.

This is the conclusion of an investigation into the alleged extortion of a county commission candidate?

I have seen enough Law and Order to wonder about that one.

This I do know and what is known should provide pause for every citizen of this county, every taxpayer.

What is known about this case should enrage all the Second Amendment stalwarts worried about gun control from Washington because this is about the amendment that came first and the threat is much closer to home.

What is known is that public money was used in this investigation.

That public money helped drive an investigation that started, based on the file released to the public, based on a passel of hearsay – I know my Law and Order as I said – that could fairly classified as the recitation of a sandbox schoolyard spat.

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