Following the dollars

Published: Thursday, February 21, 2013 at 11:46 AM.

Not much is known – the county administrator adhering to the same confidentiality provisions that have driven the county commissioners batty in the past.

But enough is known to know this is a project for the EDC and its new board, it is a project that requires the input of the port director and it sure does not need the county to expend additional funds on a “consultant” to perform duties that at this time are unclear.

This is the sort of thing discussed last week when Commissioner Joanna Bryan talked of the county’s many stops and starts in differing directions when it came to economic development.

How the lack of a consistent message and messenger was hurting the county.

By the end of last week’s meeting there remained two individuals as point of contact on economic development in the county, the EDC director and the county administrator.

And the county administrator does not have the expertise for anything remotely port related. Every member of the Port Authority, even folks with state agencies for transportation and economic development defer to the port director when it comes to the Port of Port St. Joe.

One also can’t help but wonder how a project that involves significant acreage along the Intracoastal Canal might impact the expansion of Eastern Shipbuilding to Gulf County. 

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