• The dimensions of life

    Though written 55 years ago this year, the words at the bottom of this space remain fitting for today READ MORE

  • A sadder display

    Two months ago it was stated in this space that the heated Oct. 25 meeting of the Board of County Commissioners was a sad display for local government. READ MORE

  • Wishing upon 2013

    The reasons for New Year’s resolutions are varied and, typically, have the shelf life of the holiday itself. READ MORE

  • Christmas lights

    Typing the letters to Santa found inside this newspaper was a different experience this year. READ MORE

  • Tab for the tap

    The city of Port St. Joe approved a water study last week in hopes of determining the source of discolored water. READ MORE

  • The public agenda

    We applaud County Commission chair Tan Smiley for his stated desire to see an end to personal attacks during county board meetings READ MORE

  • Staying on message

    Even by the limbo standards of the Board of County Commissioners the most recent regular meeting was contortionism at its finest. READ MORE

  • Thanksgiving wishes

    In some ways Thanksgiving 2012 seems not much different from the Pilgrims’ landing on a craggy slab of Massachusetts coastline long ago. READ MORE

  • Closure to move ahead

    The mailbox is breathing a sigh of relief. READ MORE

  • Sustaining an idea

    This past Tuesday was another of those rare days that seems to set this country apart from so much of the world. READ MORE

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