Making sense of senseless

Published: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 10:04 AM.

But today the sky cries.

Cries at the ignorance behind the circumstances that left Gant lying in a pool of his own blood on an apartment threshold.

Tears come from the hatred behind the words and actions described in the arresting affidavit, a document filled with vile words driven by thoughts and ideas that most of us, thankfully, find abhorrent.

The sky cries because a community has been scarred, has been lessened by the act of one man and how that single act, driven by a blind hatred all too prevalent in the world today, has left another dead, a life ended, a daughter without her father, a family without a brother, son, nephew, grandson, uncle.

It cries because in the end, all the thoughts and prayers that have been sent the direction of Everett Gant and family proved no match for mortality, a battle we seem to be waging far too much as a community recently as young people are taken far too early.

But if there is a glimmer, some light to be found in this senseless tragedy that took on more tragic proportions on Monday night, it is in a community’s response.

The candlelight vigil held in the days following the shooting that showed a community coming together to resist, with a kind of human Kevlar vest, the bullets of hatred that still ring through the air.

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