Praising the good

Published: Thursday, March 14, 2013 at 09:33 AM.

For some six years, Collins and crew would alight on St. Vincent and walk merrily through the forest to look under the sheets of plywood and sheet metal that Collins would scrounge from the area to scatter about the island, providing habitat to the creeping crawlers.

That habitat was also perfect for counting.

Where most of us, myself especially, would impulsively run from something wriggling from beneath a board we just pulled up, for Collins and his band of “herpsters” that wriggling was cause for celebration.

A chance for gazes like a long-lost lover found, for photos and high fives – at least the herpetological version, maybe “low eights” or something.

Another species counted, another species documented.

Collins’ lifelong love of snakes and frogs and lizards satiated for at least a moment.

From those years of research would come a pocket-sized guide to the snakes of St. Vincent Island. What also arrived was rabid advocacy for St. Vincent.

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